The Loudmouth Report

I have been very fortunate to meet some great people in the course of my life in music.  Moving to LA helped me to expand into the comedy, film, TV, theater and even video game worlds!  As I met more and more people in the various fields of show business, I realized that a lot of the same conversations were being had across all mediums. The person I connected to the most was and still is writer/director Tennyson Stead, who helped me create a podcast where we talk shop with other folks who have something to say.  We say A LOT, hence the show is called The Loudmouth Report.  We are very professional, as you can tell from this completely serious publicity photo below.  Listen on Soundcloud and/or iTunes.  We love subscribers!  Keep up with the live video episodes on Facebook as well and send questions/rants/smack talk to us on twitter as well.

Two Loudmouths

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