Back in the VGM groove…

I started off this year by reconvening with half of my Naju bandmates for a quick VGM project. I’m a big 80s/90s gamer and I’m a huge fan of the classic fighter pilot game Afterburner II and its soundtrack. Back in 2019, I petitioned Naju to include a track from that game in our set. That never quite materialized but when Dwelling Of The Duels presented the opportunity to play anything under one minute and get the track produced and finished in just under 3 weeks, I knew I had my chance to cover Final Takeoff. Shout out to Edward Rodriguez (guitar) and Ray Dollette (bass) for making this track happen and special thanks to Ray for adding some visuals to go with our track. Hopefully this is the first of many more new collaborations. Would you like to hear more?

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