Remote Drum Classes for Fall 2021!

Starting the day before Halloween (Saturday, October 30th), I will be teaching my beginner drum classes at Los Angeles City College! This is for true beginners and anyone who needs to work on rudiments, reading music or playing the full kit. This is a remote course taught online through Zoom but if you don’t have a kit in your home, no problem! We will explore how to practice your fills and grooves without having the luxury of a full drum kit on hand, which comes in handy while traveling or being stuck at home. All you need is a pair of sticks, a pad, and a metronome or metronome app to get started. Another advantage of this course is that it is NOT limited to LA residents, so if you’re located outside of the city (or even the state of California), you can still take the course!

If you’re interested, space is limited, so sign up ASAP and let’s play some drums!

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