Winter 2022 Music Courses

Happy New Year! I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be offering online courses through LACC Extension again this winter. Normally, these classes meet in person but since these are (STILL) not normal times, everything will be online. The good news is that if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you can still take the courses! All you need is a (free) Zoom account and there’s also a promotion right now through Jan 16th where you can save $5 on each course using the promo code BRUMAL22.

My first and longest-running course, Drums for Adults & Teens, begins on Saturday January 22nd. This is a beginner course for anyone brand new to drums and/or music. The goal of this course is to get you from your current musical level to being able to jam with one of your favorite songs. Whether you have a drum kit or not, you will learn valuable, practical fundamentals that you can apply to a single pad, a v-drum kit, an acoustic drum set, or programmed drums in a digital audio workstation (DAW) like GarageBand, Logic, ProTools, Cubase, or Ableton Live. The only gear you need for this course are sticks, a drum pad, and a metronome or metronome app.

Next, Introduction to Music Creation (GarageBand) will start again on Tuesday January 25th. If you are new to music, new to recording, or new to both, this course will help you take the next step towards bringing the music that you hear in your head out into the world. This course is a combination of composition and production, utilizing GarageBand to capture and share your musical ideas. The fundamentals that we cover in this course will also be applicable to any other DAW and any music genre. You will need GarageBand to take this course and any level of music or recording experience would be helpful but is not required.

Space is limited so please sign up as soon as you can. I hope to see you (online) soon!

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