While Kevin Smith was hard at work on his outstanding Masters of The Universe Revelation for Netflix, Notefornote Music gave me the opportunity to put my own spin on the original theme song for the legendary Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. This fantastic label previously released my version of Hans Zimmer’s “Themyscira” and this time, Bryon Davis and Peter Hackman were looking for new versions of classic TV show themes. I had a few ideas as did they (more on that later), so we landed on He-Man and decided to see how it sounded. We were quite pleased with the heavy results, and it was also fun for me to recruit my Cobra Venom bassist and vocalist, Nelson Miranda, to supply the massive chorus. Most important of all, it was great to have a music project during COVID quarantine that was uplifting, inspiring, and hopeful in a time that was very much in need of those qualities. This experience really helped me get excited and stay excited for what would happen next – the same way that this theme song was able to build the audience’s anticipation for each episode of the show.

Click the image below to hear the song through the digital music services. Until next time….

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